What are serviced offices?

A serviced office is an alternative to a traditional office space where the office space is rented on a per use basis and are rented fully furnished and equipped with required services for most businesses and ready to use. The workplaces are not shared, unlike other options and the offices can be rented as private spaces. The maintenance of the workplace is handled by a serviced workplace management organisations such as serviced offices Sydney cbd, which also lends them the name managed workplaces. These have several advantages over traditional workplaces and certain other alternatives which will be discussed in further detail in this article.



The main benefit of serviced offices and one of the primary reasons, organisations look to alternatives for traditional office spaces is the flexibility offered by them. Serviced offices are managed by a third-party company and offered as is for use by the organisation. This allows the organisation to retain the services of the company as they are used and pay according to the time, they occupy the space or which services are required. This allows for more flexible payment schemes than simply leasing or renting an office building to be furnished and equipped by the company itself. This also means that the company can switch between providers or locations easily as the commitment for a managed workplace is in terms of one or more months instead of several years for traditional workplaces. Moreover, since the furnishing and equipment are all taken care of by the providing company, the organisation itself has no ties to a specific location.

Access to required services

Serviced offices are equipped with the latest services and equipment required by modern businesses as the providers would want to stay competitive. This allows even smaller businesses such as start-ups to make use of the facilities that would otherwise be out of their reach at an earlier stage as the pay-as-you-use model in serviced offices ensure that the service would be cheaper than managing it in-house. Moreover, all the services will be updated and improved as newer versions or technologies are released as the managed workplace provider would routinely update their workplaces regardless.

Cost effective

The massive cost of renting, equipping, and furnishing a traditional office space is completely subverted by renting a fully equipped and furnished serviced office. While a traditional office space offers its own benefits and may be cheaper in the long term, for short term solutions or for businesses that are still in the early stages, the substantial upfront investment of a traditional office space may be too daunting. In this case, they can opt for serviced offices as an alternative which allow them to have most if not all the services a traditional office offers at a fraction of the cost.

When compared to other alternatives such as coworking and virtual offices, serviced offices are more similar to traditional workplaces as they offer privacy and a fixed physical location as opposed to a shared workplace in coworking and a virtual workplace the latter.

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