Useful Tips for a Bathroom Remodel

Beautifying a home is something homeowners get excited about. When you’re starting to get bored with the usual look of your home, remodelling is one of the best solutions to consider. The bathroom is one of the most popular spaces at home that is chosen to be remodelled.

Since it has a small area, it is easy to plan and conduct a bathroom remodel project. Aside from the aesthetics, homeowners also take into consideration the functionality and ambience when doing a bathroom remodel.If you’re planning to update your old bathroom, here are some useful tips that would help you create a fresh and more functional bathroom.

Choose the Right Colour

The colour palette you use has a great impact on how spacious your bathroom looks. If you want a spacious or wide-looking bathroom, choose white or other colours that are in the light spectrum. On the other hand, you can make a really spacious bathroom look cosier with the use of darker colours since they could help shrink a space.

Choose the Right Materials

Moisture and water are common elements found in the bathroom. Although some people use wood and plain concrete on their bathroom, these materials aren’t that good in spaces with high moisture. Choose the right materials to be used in your bathroom remodel.

Fully tiled bathrooms are the popular trend nowadays in modern bathrooms. Tiles are water resistant and could withstand the high moisture present in bathrooms. Aside from that, tiles also instantly make your bathroom look classy and elegant.

Opt for Built-in Storage

Although it easy to just build regular shelves and cabinets in the bathroom, they would eat up the space making your bathroom look tight and smaller. Go for built-in storage instead to maximize the bathroom space.

This refers to recessed soap dishes, cabinets, and many more. Your bathroom would look more spacious even with more storage space available. Hiring quality bathroom builders in Melbourne is a wise move to achieve the perfect bathroom that suits your home and needs.

Use Mirrors

A lot of people use mirrors to check how they look. However, mirrors can actually be used as a decorative element in the bathroom. Aside from the bathroom vanity, you could also install mirrors on other spaces in the bathroom such as an empty wall, the ceiling above the bathtub, and many more. Mirrors reflect back light, making your bathroom look brighter and more spacious than before.

Plan Bathroom Lighting Properly

Lighting plays a huge role in any space. Instead of using regular light bulbs in your bathroom, look for stylish lighting fixtures to add more beauty into the room. There are plenty to choose from such as pendant lights, sconces, recessed lights, and many more. Be sure to add a dimmer to control the brightness when you want to create a more relaxing vibe in the bathroom.

With those bathroom remodel tips, you can achieve a more attractive and functional bathroom than what you had before.