Routine Maintenance to be Carried out in a Strata Property

Maintaining a strata property requires a lot of expertise and experience. And this is why it is so important to research and select the most suitable strata management company to ensure the overall value of the proper along with its structural integrity and aesthetics.

When selecting a strata plan management company you should ask them about their process forhandling routine maintenance and repairs. There should be a list of maintenance items along with a trusted network of contractors and technicians to address these issues. One of the main maintenance items to be done is exterior building maintenance. There should be regular roof inspections so that any signs of damage or leaks can be identified early on and addressed. For example, if there are loose or missing shingles, these should be replaced to prevent water from seeping into the underlying roof structure. By taking proactive action, you can prevent having to carry out extensive repairs and replacements. In addition to roof maintenance and cleaning, you need to look at how the water drains from the roof. The gutters should be cleaned at least once every six months so that any blockages can be eliminated.

The building façade should also be cleaned so that it is free from mould, mildew and dirt.

This will improve the appearance of the building and contribute to keeping up the overall value of the building. Maintenance should also include doors and windows. If there are cracks or gaps in the openings, this has to be attended to so that it ensures proper insulation of the building. To keep up the energy efficiency of the building, the weather-stripping should be inspected and replaced when required. The common areas of the building should also be maintained. And this includes cleaning the common areas such as the hallways, stairwells etc. This maintains a pleasant environment for the residents. This will also contribute to the safety of the common areas as a tripping hazard will be removed.

The landscape

Is another aspect that contributes to the overall appearance and aesthetics of the strata property. This should be properly maintained and any overgrowth should be trimmed so that curb appeal is maintained. Another safety measure is ensuring the common areas are well-lit. Therefore, any bulbs that are burned out should be replaced immediately. And an electrician should be contacted to inspect wiring so that electrical hazards can be prevented. There has to be periodic maintenance carried out for the elevator so that they operates smoothly. There has to be a protocol in place about what to be done when an elevator malfunctions. The utilities should also be maintained which include HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing systems. Fire safety is another crucial aspect to be considered. Fire alarms, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors should be tested regularly to ensure their functionality. There are also amenities like the clubhouse, swimming pool and gym that should be maintained. For example, the pool should be regularly cleaned along with the pool deck. The filtration system should be checked and water treatment has to be carried out to ensure safety.