Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving from one home to another can be an anxious time for everyone so you need to make sure that you plan the entire process properly to reduce any hiccups that can happen during the day. And a key factor that decides the success of the move is the capability of the moving company that you hire. So it is very important that you spend enough time to assess the company and their staff members to ensure your items are kept safe throughout the day and that you have fewer worries on the day itself.

You have to start with a list of moving companies Brisbane and screen them by looking at various factors. You need to check whether the company is a carrier or a broker. Some are a combination of the two. If they are a broker, they will outsource the moving services to companies they partner with. This can give a saving on the total cost but you will never know the people who come to load and unload your things on the day itself because you are talking to a middleman. When you are dealing with a carrier, they will have in-house staff members to carry out all the services that are listed on their website and you will be able to speak to them before the move and clarify certain items. But this can be costly when compared to a broker.

You need to understand the insurance coverage options provided by the company. This will cover the damages if one of your possessions breaks during the transportation. There is a free coverage that covers the basic items. But you need to see whether you need additional coverage beyond this especially if they are moving items of great value. You can pay extra for full value protection which can cover the current market value of your item. But you need to check with the company whether this is an option they offer. Ask whether the moving company provides binding estimates. The reason for this is, if the estimate is non-binding, there can be a price increase later on and you will have to pay it regardless. The value in the binding estimate will be all you need to pay unless you add on a service after it has been confirmed.  Check for hidden fees as well that you may not notice in the original estimate. While you may not be able to find this out from the company, you can check their reviews to see if any customer has complained about this situation.

You may have different requirements for the move and certain companies may not be able to fulfil all of them. Moving companies will differ in how they pack, their loading and unloading services, assembly and disassembly of furniture, transporting special items etc. Some will provide cleaning services and there are also those that provide storage if you need some time to move into the location. If you have several vehicles that you need to transport, there are moving companies that offer vehicle shipping as well. So you need to list down all your requirements before selecting a moving company that provides all the services you are looking for.