Purchased a second-hand vehicle? Here’s what you should do next

The vehicle importing industry was the #1 importing industry in 2021. In such a background, maybe you happened to have a nice JDM or even a classic American vehicle. But whatever it was, it’s not advised to start driving right after purchasing.

In this read, we’re going to talk about the process that you should take your second-hand vehicle through so that it can be reborn for good.

Get a full-body checkup by a reliable mechanic

At the start, you need to know where your vehicle stands– get a mechanic to check everything from front to back and top to bottom and know where you stand in terms of reports.



Replace the exhausts with branded products

Although repainting and cushioning arethe least recommended, one of the best recommendations is to replace the exhaust system. Why so? When a vehicle has been driven in a different country for a considerable time, the exhaust system more or less adheres to it.

Forcing the existing one into a new atmosphere is never the right idea. If the vehicle was driven in Australia, replacing the exhaust is recommended the same so you can refurbish the vehicle in a major aspect.

Avoid going for duplicate turbochargers with JDM

If you happened to have a JDM vehicle, the most sabotaging mistake you can make is poisoning it with a low-quality turbocharger; it would be as if given the chance to fly, but the wings aren’t reliable. Why should you settle for less when you find pulsar turbo parts and turbochargers for a very affordable price? Because while the better quality ones improve the driving experience, the low-quality ones truly sabotage vehicles.

Replace the intercooler

Although it would sound technical if you were told that the role of the intercooler was to decrease the temperature of the air emitted by the air filter prior to transmitting to the combustion chamber, the role is much more significant.

In fact, having an intercooler decreases knocking, i.e., excessive vibrations, and prolongs the engine. Since most old vehicles have deteriorated intercooler systems, we highly recommend a replacement.

Replace the brakes

We cannot stress just how important it is to have brand new brakes for your vehicle when you’re buying it second-hand. That’s going to be one of the reasons why your vehicle runs extremely better.


Get a full-body checkup by a reliable mechanic

Once the tuning up is done, we complete the circle. This is when you need to make the comparison between the statistics of the vehicle that used to be, and the one that’s there in front of you. Once you do, you’d be convinced that everything you spent was a great investment without a shadow of a doubt.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, buying second-hand vehicles is never a bad choice since you can always make modifications that wouldn’t add up to the cost of a brand new vehicle. Following the said steps is definitely going to be helpful whether you bought it a few days ago, a few months ago, or maybe a few years ago.

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