Features to Look for in Postpartum Active Clothing

Your body goes through a transformation when you give birth and you need to make sure that your comfort is ensured in the period afterwards so that your body and mind are supported properly. There are many postpartum clothing stores that can help you be comfortable in your new routine. In this article, we are focusing on activewear.

When choosing postpartum activewear you need to make sure that it supports your post-pregnancy belly. There are certain garments that will have panels designed strategically or have built-in features for support so that gentle compression will be provided without making you uncomfortable. This support is required so that it helps you abdominal muscles recover in the initial weeks after birth. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you will need to have easy nursing access in your clothing. Look for clothing pieces that have nursing openings discreetly designed into it. There is clothing that comes with adjustable features so that you can ensure convenient access. This will give you the freedom to stay active all the while ensuring that your baby’s needs are met. Make sure to avoid any tight elastic as this will make you very uncomfortable. Look for waistbands that are stretchable and offers a gentle fit. There should be sufficient support provided by the waistband but it should not be constricting you. This will allow you to explore body movement.

A wide waistband will also be comfortable as it will support your midsection sufficiently.

It will also provide some shaping without it digging into your skin. You can ensure that the clothing stays in place during different activities ensuring your comfort. Wearing the right clothing will restore confidence in your new body as well. Another feature that improves the aesthetic appeal of postpartum clothing is body contouring seams. Check whether the seams are smooth and flat locked so that chafing is prevented. Clothing made this way will move with your body instead of restricting your movement. They are functional and aesthetically appealing. Look for features that allow you to move easily such as fabrics that are stretchable and breathable. Also, gusseted crotches will improve flexibility along with raglan sleeves for tops.

Check whether the activewear has moisture wicking fabric

So that you can remain cool and dry during the workout. Also, you can wear active clothing when you go outside or just engage in your daily routine. They will allow you to move freely and keep you comfortable. By selecting clothing with moisture wicking fabric, you can make sure that your clothing is not stuck to your skin due to sweat. Sweat will easily evaporate so that you can be comfortable throughout the day. Your body will continue to change at this stage so it is a good idea to look for adjustable bands and straps in active clothing. For example, these adjustable features are great for customising the fit of your bottoms, tops and bras. Check whether the fabric is breathable and whether there are other design elements such as perforated details or mesh panels for ventilation.