Different Varieties of Tea: Little-Known Facts

When you come home after a hectic day at work most of us crave for a delightful cup of tea that would instantly help us with us to combat fatigue and feelings of tiredness, we have to make us relax. Sometimes we may even drink tea to help us lose calories. But did you know that there are different types of tea available?

Why do we need to know?

Yes, there are many different varieties of tea available but why do we need to know about them? Well, knowing about different types of tea will help you to make the best choice according to what your body desires. Otherwise, you will be stuck with one type for life simply because you are not aware of the different varieties.

The famous black tea

One type is of course the type most of us tea lovers are familiar with which is black tea. Black tea could be consumed with or without milk and sugar and it tastes great either way. It is a good stress buster and energy booster will help you with the fatigue you may experience after a long tiring day at work or even at home. Depending on the region where it is produced from, black tea can have many other varieties. For example, black tea is produced in Sri Lanka, India and China can be different from each other.

Green tea to lose calories

Green tea is another variety which could be immensely useful if you are planning on balancing your calorie intake or lose weight. Other than that, green tea has found to have a great impact on the brain function, reduce bad breath, prevent type 2 diabetes and have many more benefits as well.

Flowers to make tea

Another type of tea which we may not be fully aware about would be flower tea. Yes, you heard that right! You can make tea from flowers as well. This tradition has initially originated from China from the belief that flowers could be useful to combat various illnesses and diseases. While at first it may seem impossible, you can make flower teas even at home!

Flowers, since they are mostly used for decorations, the medicinal properties they have are often overlooked. Which is probably why tea made from tea leaves are more popular than flower teas. So how is flower tea made? If you want to make a flower tea at home here are the steps that should be followed. If you don’t want to make it at home you can Shop Tea Life’s flower tea.

Steps to follow

First of all, pick flowers with medicinal properties and dry them. Then once the flowers have dried you have to repeat the steps that you follow when making normal black tea. The time taken for the flowers to dry would depend on the size of the flower. Hanging the flowers upside down after tying the stems of more than one flower together using a string, just like how you make a garland would be the ideal way to hang the flowers for drying.

Well, whether it is tea made from flowers or tea made from leaves one thing is clear, that is tea is a great drink that will give you many benefits.