Build Your Own Spa at Home on A Budget

Relaxing after a tedious week is important for our physical and mental health. A trip to the spa is always a wonderful idea because not only would this help us relax, there are also numerous physical health benefits that we could reap. Unfortunately, not all of us have the cash to burn for this activity and most spas could really charge a pricey amount for an afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Don’t be disheartened though if you don’t have the money to get the pampering you truly deserve because you could recreate the atmosphere and experience of your favourite spa retreat or day spa on a budget.

Invest on good essential oils and diffuser

One of the most affordable ways you could recreate a spa experience at home is by investing on good essential oils and diffuser. One of the things we truly remember when we visit a spa is the smell since some essential oils are useful in helping us relax.

Lavender is the number one essential oil for relaxation while Sandalwood is best for anxiety and Lemon is the most efficient mood lifter. When you build your own spa at home, research about the benefits of these essential oils to find out which one works best for you. Of course, you also need to remember to purchase a diffuser that is compatible with the essential oils you plan on buying and using.

Nourish your body with a soak

You can heat your spa experience at home by going all the way with a bath soak and oil. You always feel invigorated after a warm bath because it helps relieve muscle pain, reduce blood pressure since the warm water promotes better blood circulation, it helps soothe irritated skin and could even relieve any colds or flu like symptoms.

Turn off distractions and put on some music

When you go to a spa, they would ask you to keep your mobile phone in a locker to turn off any distractions while you are getting pampered. You should do the same when you are relaxing in your “at home spa”. Anything that might distract you should be kept at bay.

If the neighbour’s dog keeps on barking or your place is near a busy street, you could keep these annoying and distracting sounds at bay by listening to relaxing music. You could even choose to listen to some white noise such as birds chirping, waves crashing, or other nature sounds if this is your preference.

Light some candles

Before you dip in your tub for some soak, don’t forget to turn off the lights, draw the curtains, light some candles and put on some music. A subdued surrounding could help you be in a more relaxed mood and a scented candle of lavender, sandalwood or lemon (similar to essential oils) could assist in your soothing me-time.

An at home spa is not only more affordable, it is also customizable according to your liking. But what’s more important is that you make time for yourself regularly or when you feel like you need it. Even if your schedule is always full, don’t forget to pencil in a spa session.

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