Move Your Furniture Safely: Tips to Help You Move Easier

Moving to a new place is something that requires a lot of effort on your part. You will have to spend time packing, ensuring that everything is sae and nothing will break while travelling and also have to call in a moving company. But while packing and sealing is something that everyone is aware about, did you know that your furniture needs the same care? Take a look at the following tips to see how to move your furniture safely.

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Plan It Out

The first thing to do with moving furniture is figure out what you want to move and what you will leave behind. If there are any pieces that you feel like would not fit well in your new place maybe think of selling them out in a yard sale or to a thrift store. Get rid of pieces that are too broken or old to repair. Cleaning out your house will help you to determine exactly how many items you have to move. It is better to have less items to move than hauling all the unnecessary stuff with you.

Get Help

The next step is getting help. Do not try to move furniture alone. Especially when trying to move large furniture. It is always better to get an extra pair of hands to help you out when you are moving around the furniture. For the actual move, you can get the help of a furniture removal service in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. This will help you to transport your furniture safely to your new place.

Protect Your Doorways

When it comes to moving your belongings safely, you will also have to think of things such as protecting the doorways. One of the ways to do this while moving furniture is covering the furniture with quilted pads so the doorways will not be damaged. You can also try removing the moulding if you feel like there is not enough space to move a piece though a doorway.

Get a Dolly Ready

Getting a moving dolly to move larger furniture is always helping. Not only will this help you to manoeuvre larger pieces to the moving truck, it will also keep you from scratching the floors whole you move the furniture. Also, this will help you with lifting heavier pieces that you cannot lift by yourself. If your moving company already bring a dolly, then you can simply use it and will not have to hire one separately.


Another easy way to transport large pieces of furniture is to disassemble them. Most of the larger pieces such as wardrobes or tables can be separated into parts. Separating the parts will make it easier to lift them, move them around and also will save a lot of space in the moving truck too. If you do not know how to do it yourself, get the help of an expert so you will not damage your furniture.

Although taking care of your belongings while moving to a new place is known to be a difficult task, if you follow the right steps, you will not be losing any valuable item.

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