How to Ace Your Zoom Interview

Nowadays, in the days of the pandemic, many interviews have adopted online formats where the hiring managers and candidates are connected remotely. Zoom is a popular platform that provides video conferencing facilities and there are many tools provided for recording, screen sharing, chat etc.

By learning the ins and outs of the application, you will be able to have a smooth interview process. You can use Zoom interview tips to do a more professional interview and show the hiring managers that you can easily handle remote working. There may be instances where the hiring manager is speaking for a long time. This is when you can use the mute button to ensure that no sounds from your environment are getting through. You can also start by selecting a quieter area of the house to conduct the interview. It is better to choose a room where you can shut the door. You can keep the windows shut as well to limit noise. It is a useful tool to minimise distractions for the duration of the interview. Maintaining eye contact is a must when it comes to face to face interviews. You need to incorporate this to your zoom interview as well. A good way to assure that you are looking at them in the face is to look at the camera when you are speaking.


As you will be carrying out the interview at your home, you need to provide a suitable backdrop that is free of clutter. You can choose a blank wall as your backdrop and have only a few decorations as possible to create a more professional setting. Make sure that you recheck what the camera is showing so that you can organize and control the view of the hiring manager better. Lighting is another element that you need to look at. The hiring manager should be able to see you clearly. You can choose a backdrop wall next to a window so that you get plenty of natural light. But make sure that you don’t sit with a window at your back as this can cast shadows and make it harder to concentrate on your face.

Your phone should be on silent mode in a face to face interview as well as a remote interview. If it rings loudly in the middle of the process, it can cause a distraction. Make sure you put the phone away so that you don’t reach for it during the interview. Your focus should be undivided. The notification sounds on the phone should be muted as well. So you should focus on the hiring manager and pay attention to what they say. To assure that you are hearing what they say, you can nod or ask questions related to what they were speaking about. A good way to focus on the speaker is to maximize the zoom window so that it is the only thing on your screen. By using a laptop or a desktop computer, you will be able to give a better view of yourself to the hiring manager and you will create a more stable view as there is no need to hold the phone in front.

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