Why Leaky Showers Shouldn’t Be Ignored – Perth Shower Repair Advice?

Do you belong to the group of individuals who have been disregarding the persistent dripping sounds coming from their shower? So quit ignoring the situation and start acting now! Leaky showers are bothersome, but if they are not fixed right away, they can waste a lot of water and potentially cause structural damage. This blog post will cover the reasons why you shouldn’t overlook leaky showers as well as some practical advice for shower repair Perth that will end up saving you money. Now let’s put on our work gloves and repair this!

A leaky shower is what?

You understand how annoying a leaky shower can be if you’ve ever experienced one. In addition to wasting water, they can also harm your house if they are not fixed.

What exactly is a leaky shower then? When the taps are shut off, a leaking shower will still trickle water. Several factors, such as a defective washer, a fractured tile, or a loose connection, may be to blame for this.

It’s crucial to get your shower looked thoroughly as soon as you suspect there may be a leak. A skilled plumber will be able to identify the issue immediately and provide you choices for replacement or repair.

Don’t put off getting a leaky shower fixed—doing so could cause major issues in the future.

What triggers a dripping shower?

Several distinct things can result in a leaky shower. The most frequent offender is a degraded or damaged sealant. Your shower door or enclosure’s sealant may deteriorate, break, or become loose with time, allowing water to leak out. A drain assembly issue is another potential reason for a leaky shower. Water can seep through an improperly sealed drain and harm the subfloor or floor of your bathroom. Finally, if the tile or grout around your shower has flaws, leaks may also happen. Even tiny hairline gaps might allow water to pass and eventually lead to issues.

How to fix a dripping shower?

If you’re like the majority of people, you probably don’t give your shower much thought until it begins to leak. Yet, a leaky shower can result in a variety of issues, including water damage, mould, and mildew. For this reason, it’s crucial to fix a leaky shower as quickly as possible.

The following advice is for shower repair in Perth:

  • Determine where the leak is coming from. Since there are so many potential leak sources with showers, this is typically the first thing to do when doing any type of repair (e.g., the shower head, the faucet, the drain). You may begin to work on correcting the leak once you identify where it is coming from.
  • If the shower head is the source of the leak, consider replacing the washer. Often, this can be fixed quickly and easily without the use of specialised equipment or knowledge.
  • You might need to change a seal or washer if the leak is coming from the faucet (depending on the type of faucet). Again, this is typically a rather simple repair that can be carried out without assistance from a professional.
  • There may be an issue with the plumbing under your bathroom sink if the leak is coming from the drain. Generally speaking, this is not a DIY repair; you will need to get a qualified plumber to handle it.

Advantages of repairing a leaky shower

Should I fix my leaky shower? Is one of the most often asked queries we receive regarding shower repair in Perth.

Indeed, it is the answer. Fixing a leaky shower will not only reduce your water cost but also assist to protect your bathroom from further harm.

Further advantages of repairing a leaky shower include the following:

·         You’ll conserve water

A leaky shower can waste as much as 10 litres of water every day, which equates to over 3,000 litres annually. You may help protect this precious resource by having your shower fixed.

·         You’ll save money

Fixing a leaky shower will reduce your energy costs in addition to conserving water. By fixing your shower, you’ll be saving a lot of money because a leaky tap can waste enough hot water to fill a bathtub.

·         You’ll increase the longevity of your bathroom

Water damage is one of the most frequent reasons for bathrooms to prematurely wear out. By having your leaky shower fixed, you’ll aid in preventing further harm to your bathroom and increase its lifespan.

How to stop a dripping shower?

One of the most frequent issues in Perth homes is shower leaks. Even while a minor leak might not seem like a major concern, if it goes unchecked, it can do serious harm. Here are some suggestions for avoiding a leaky shower:

  • Regularly check your shower for cracks or holes. Caulk or sealer can be used to patch up these areas.
  • If your shower does not already have a waterproof liner, add one. This will lessen the chance of water damage due to seepage via fractures.
  • Regularly inspect the caulking surrounding your shower and reapply as necessary. This will prevent water from accumulating behind your tiles and fostering the growth of mould or mildew.