7 Things to Do While You’re Sitting on Your Desk

The computer is one of the greatest discoveries that changed the world. Imagine how hard the lives of people will be today without it. Computer technology provides a wide array of benefits in terms of speed, storage, and accuracy. Gone are the days when a dictionary or encyclopedia is a” thing” for students, and professionals and non-professionals alike.

Now, almost all the information you need are just a few clicks away. Online freelancing is a popular choice amongst individuals who can no longer have a regular job. If you’re an online freelancer, investing in a good laptop or PC is important. Make yourself productive even if you’re working from home. Here are some things you can do while you’re sitting on your desk.

Keep All Your Messages and Pictures in One Place

Having a lot of messages and pictures on your mobile phone can take a lot of its storage space which can slow down your device. Free up some space by transferring your files to your laptop or computer. Keep them in one place by creating a folder that you can easily access with just a few clicks. Install an app that can allow you to bring multiple accounts in one.

Merge All Your Clouds

USB sticks aren’t popular anymore. Now with the use of cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive, you can share and store files. You can research them all in one place, and merge all your clouds.

Stay Safe

Stay safe using your computer with the use of free and paid software that can keep your files protected. Online threats are prevalent these days, and you have to make an effort to keep your PC safe. Check out the Penetration testing company in Australia to help you. Potential threats include malware, spyware, worms and viruses. And don’t forget to check security settings of your browser.

Keep on Track

Keep on track with the help of a laptop or computer. When you need to complete a task, an app will support you handle and remember everything. Make sure that the app is safe from virus. It’s best to ask help from Cyber security Australia.

Make Browsing More Effective

Make browsing more effective by clearing the browser history specifically if you’re working from home. Do this often to so you can make your time more effective. Get a tab extension that can help you remind of the tasks you need to do.

Clean Up Your Laptop or PC

If you want to make your laptop or PC work faster, remove unnecessary files to get more storage for things you really need. It’s nice to get back up storage, too, where you can store thousands of files without worrying about using up space in your laptop or PC. Try a screensaver where you can input your to-do list, clock, and other things that can turn your screen into something useful.

Make Your Battery Lasts Longer

A laptop is prone to battery problems. But with a battery software, you can get the maximum outflow of your device. Take advantage of the battery-saving feature of laptops today. Turn it on, so notifications will not push automatically.

Make the most out of your time while you’re sitting on your desk.

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